Currency Exchange Glasgow Airport

Looking to pick up your holiday money ahead of time? Ever ordered travel money through the post? Taken it to The Post Office, a local Travel Agent or bought it at the airport and been charged a small fortune?

With so many options available online on currency exchange at Glasgow itself, knowing where to get the best deal for your travel money can be tricky.

Travelex at Glasgow Airport

Travelex is here to look after your foreign exchange at Glasgow Airport. There are three on-site and can help you exchange over 50 currencies

What are Travelex Opening Hours at Glasgow Airport? Travelex is open from 4am until the last departure flight (usually 9pm or shortly after).
Basically, while there are passengers around the airport, Travelex should be open so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Where is Travelex at the airport? You can find Travelex Money Exchange both before and after security and in both the Main Terminal and T2. Before the Main terminal, you can find it nearby the Car Hire department and the Tesco Express on the right side of the airport as you come in. After security, you can find Travelex on the first floor, past World Duty Free. At Terminal 2, you can find Travelex near the entrance, before security.

How to get the best rates on foreign exchange and cash? For the best rates and value for money on your currency exchange, see the Travelex website for the latest quotes and compare prices.

How does Travelex’s VAT refund work? Unfortunately, VAT refund isn’t available at Glasgow Airport, you can access these services via Manchester and Heathrow Airports. VAT refund is basically what it says on the tin: when you buy something in the UK, ask for a VAT refund receipt to go with your purchase, download the forms and drop into a Travelex before security to get your 20% VAT back to you in pounds and pence (again, not available in Glasgow).

See more about Travelex and the pre-loaded Travelex Money card.

Prepaid Currency Cards

Another way of getting your foreign cash and managing your holiday spending is getting pre loaded, prepaid currency cards. The cards are essentially like a debit card which you top up with currency of your choice and spend on like a normal card.

The Travelex Money Card allows you to store as many of the 10 available currencies as you like and also offers 24/7 assistance should you need it. It’s a great solution if you’re travelling across countries, or just want to manage your finances while you’re away.

Credit and Debit Cards

As with most credit cards, there a several options available to you and each one will have different promotions, bonuses and pit-falls. It’s important to pick the travel card best for you and your journey, keeping in mind credit limits, interest rates and applicable charges.

If you decide to get credit type card, make sure that read and understand the terms and conditions and check that they remain the same no matter where you use it and how long you have had it! Terms and conditions can change every year.

Post Office Bureau de Change

Left getting your foreign currencies until the last minute and are looking for a Travelex alternative? No problem, there are over 11,000 Post Offices in the UK, many of which have Bureau de Changes and there are 5 available post offices with a Bureau de Change nearby to Glasgow Airport.

The Post Office are a really well known travel money provider in the UK and can offer home delivery of your holiday cash Monday to Saturday.

Where are the neighbouring Post Offices with a Bureau de Change?

  • 19 Broomlands Street, Paisley, Renfrewshire, PA1 2LT.
  • Unit 2, Tannahill Centre, Paisley, Renfrewshire, PA3 1NR.
  • 14-16 High Street, Paisley, Renfrewshire, PA1 2BS.
  • The Post Office, Springbank Road, Paisley, Renfrewshire, PA3 2PA.

Some of these services only offer Euro exchange as part of their Foreign Currencies so it’s worth checking ahead if you’re going somewhere more exotic.

ICE Currency at Glasgow Airport

If Travelex and the Post Office aren’t quite the right fit for you and you’re looking for another comparator, let’s take a look at ICE, the International Currency Exchange.

Where can I find ICE in Glasgow? ICE’s local address is 66 Gordan Street, Glasgow, Renfrewshire, G1 3RS, opposite Glasgow Central Station. Open 8:00 – 19:00 Monday to Saturday and 10:00 – 18:00 on Sundays.

The best way of using this service is ordering your currency online in advance and popping in to store to pick it up en route to your flight.

What to do with left-over Euros at Glasgow Airport?

It’s a good idea to spend or save your left over currency rather than getting charged to turn it back into UK money. Most airports will let you pay in euros if you’re on your way back into the UK from elsewhere in Europe.

However, they won’t accept anything higher than €20, may charge a different price to cover the conversion rate and often your change will be given in pounds. In short, yes but don’t count on it and what’s the harm in keeping hold of a few euros for your next holiday away?

currency exchange glasgow - Euro Bank notes to be exchanged

See Glasgow Airport shops for inspiration of what your spare change could go on from presents for others, designer clothes and snacks.

Money Saving Tips

currency exchange glasgow - money saving tips

The method you use will depend a lot on when you are going on holiday. Exchange rates also change daily so a deal you will get one day from one provider may change the next day and mean another provider is cheaper at the time you need to change your holiday money.

We’ve looked into the different types and ways to purchase your travel money and think we’ve found the best methods for you. Whether it be travel money cards to stay in budget or instant cash pick-ups at Glasgow Airport itself.

Home Delivery

Avoid the stress of queuing high cost of picking up your travel money by purchasing your currency online and having it delivered to your home. Most Foreign Exchange providers offer free next delivery too, but it’s a good idea to order a week or so in advance!

Time to get on and enjoy that trip away!