Travel Money at Glasgow Airport

Travel Money header for glasgow airport: dollars, pounds and euros

Looking to pick up your holiday money ahead of time? Ever ordered foreign money through the post? Taken it to The Post Office, a local Travel Agent or bought it at the airport and been charged a small fortune?

With so many options available online and from Glasgow Airport itself, knowing where to get the best deal for your travel money can be tricky.

Take advantage of the Travelex’s online rates, lock them in and then simply pick up your currency when you get to Glasgow Airport ready for your travels. It’s as easy as that!

Purchasing your currency at the airportis usually the priciest ways to get your travel money and foreign cash. Get the best rates by ordering it online and having it delivered to you or to Glasgow Airport, ready for when you arrive.

Travelex have teamed up with Glasgow Airport to bring you most worldwide currencies from the Travelex desk and or pre-arranged collection points throughout the terminal.

Prepaid Currency Cards

Another way of getting your foreign cash and managing your holiday spending is getting pre loaded, prepaid currency cards. The cards are essentially like a debit card which you top up with currency of your choice and spend on like a normal card.

The Travelex Money Card allows you to store as many of the 10 available currencies as you like and also offers 24/7 assistance should you need it. It’s a great solution if you’re travelling across countries, or just want to manage your finances while you’re away.

Credit and Debit Cards

As with most credit cards, there a several options available to you and each one will have different promotions, bonuses and pit-falls. It’s important to pick the travel card best for you and your journey, keeping in mind credit limits, interest rates and applicable charges.

If you decide to get credit type card, make sure that read and understand the terms and conditions and check that they remain the same no matter where you use it and how long you have had it! Terms and conditions can change every year.

Money Saving Tips

The method you use will depend a lot on when you are going on holiday. Exchange rates also change daily so a deal you will get one day from one provider may change the next day and mean another provider is cheaper at the time you need to change your holiday money.

We’ve looked into the different types and ways to purchase your travel money and think we’ve found the best methods for you. Whether it be travel money cards to stay in budget or instant cash pick-ups at Glasgow Airport itself.

Home Delivery

Avoid the stress of queuing high cost of picking up your travel money by purchasing your currency online and having it delivered to your home. Most Foreign Exchange providers offer free next delivery too, but it’s a good idea to order a week or so in advance!

Time to get on and enjoy that trip away!