Glasgow Airport Lounges

Glasgow Airport has one lounge available. Upper Deck, also known as Sky Lounge costs £21.00 per adult, offers complimentary drinks, wifi and there is a children’s area too.

Upper Deck, the Glasgow Airport Lounge

Upper Deck, Glasgow s Airport lounge logo and coffee header

Lounge Prices:

How much does it cost to visit Upper Deck?
Adult (14 years+): £21.00
Children (2 – 14 years): £15.00
Toddlers and babies (under 2 years): free
Charges apply for additional extras, snacks and beverages

Opening times:

When can I visit the lounge?
Upper Deck is open 05:00 – 20:30 most of the year.
In peak season (May-October), it’s open 04:30 – 21:30.


Where can I find the airport lounge?
Upper Deck is just after security on level 1.

Business lounge table at Upper Deck, Glasgow Airport
Business meeting in Glasgow Airport lounge
Hands around an airport lounge coffee

Facilities and Extras:

What do I get thrown in with the entry price for the airport lounge?

  • You get complimentary soft drinks (you can buy alcholic drinks but you can only have a maximum of 4) and drinks include water, fizzy drinks, wine, beers and spirits so there’s loads to choose from.
  • You can request specific extras in advance such as champayne for a special occasion.
  • Free internet access.
  • Sofas and tables, perfect for relaxing or finishing off work before your flight.
  • Kids’ Zone with entertainment such as games, DVDs and a games console. This means mums and dads can catch some pre-flight calm and if you’re travelling for business, there’s limited distractions in the main lounge area.
  • You can also purchase a Priority Security Pass alongside your lounge ticket so you can fast-track your way through passport control and luggage checks.


What do I need to know before booking entry?
There’s a dress-code – nothing to worry about but something to bare in mind.
You won’t get in with thin vests, offensive branding or slogans, base-ball caps, tour shirts, football/rugby team shirts, fancy dress, onesies and a few more. If in doubt, it’s probably not appropriate and the lounge reserves the right to refuse you entry on the day.
Something like wooly jumpers and jeans are fine or even sandals and a dress or casual shirt and cargo shorts are absolutely fine.
Finally, remember to book online by checking hours and availability on your departure dates.

Priority Pass

Priority Pass is great if you’re a business traveller who flies a lot for your job.

By joining the Pass you can have access to over 1300 airport lounges worldwide, including Glasgow Airport! Price of membership varies depending on how often you plan on using airport lounges and how often you travel.



+ charge of £20 per lounge entry
Bring a Guest for £20

Standard Plus:


10 free lounge visits per year
Bring a Guest for £20



Unlimited free lounge entry
Bring a Guest for £20

The SkyLounge at Glasgow Airport welcomes Priority Pass members.