Glasgow Airport Terminal Information

Glasgow Airport has one passenger terminal | Flying from Glasgow Airport should be a stress-free experience. | All passenger flights are served by this terminal. | Today around 20 airlines operate from Glasgow Airport and you can check-in for each of these airlines in the middle of the ground floor concourse. | International and domestic departures are located on the first floor. | A left luggage facility is available in the main check-in hall. For more information call Luggage-Point on 0330 223 0893 (Option 3). | Boarding usually begins around 45 minutes before departure so you can make the most of duty free and the bars and restaurants at the main terminal while you wait.

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Do check out the various special assistance that Glasgow Airport has to offer.

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Glasgow Airport Check In Times

What’s that saying, “it’s better to be too early than too late”? Well that most certainly applies when checking in for a flight. You need to give yourself enough time to arrive, check in and get through security. No one wants to be the person whose name is being called over the tannoy! As a guide, we recommend allowing yourself the following amount of time:

For international departures as Glasgow Airport's main terminal, please leave 3 hours
For European departures as Glasgow Airport's main terminal, you should check in 2 hours before flying
Glasgow Airport Terminal - If departing on a domestic flight at Glasgow Airport's main terminal, leave 90 minutes before departing

Glasgow Airport Terminal Facilities

Glasgow Airport Terminal - terminal

Let’s take a look at Glasgow’s Main Terminal Facilities. Many of the check-in desks and arrival lounges are on the ground floor, but there are still post boxes and shops available.

Bureau de Change There are three Travelex branches located before and after security. See more about Glasgow’s Foreign Currency Exchange.
Cash Machines/ ATMs Cash machines are available both before and after security, mainly beside Travelex branches.
Food and Drink There is a Starbucks in the main check in area. Find more food and drink stalls, Bars and Restaurants to take a pit stop.
Shopping The main terminal is home to Duty Free at Glasgow Airport, and there is a WHSmith in both the international arrivals and the main check in area for sandwiches, books, newspaper etc. See all the shopping options at Glasgow’s Duty Free.
Toilets There are toilet facilities throughout the ground floor, all with disabled access. Two baby changing facilities are available in the main check-in hall.
Smoking There are designated areas outside the terminal. Smoking is banned within all the terminal buildings, including the use of electronic cigarettes.
Car Hire Companies You can hire a car from company stalls near domestic arrivals. Alternatively, wonder past T2 from the Main Terminal to visit the Car Hire Centre to browse what cars and vans are on offer and for a wider range of providers. Take a look at what’s available.
Taxis The taxi rank is located in front of the main terminal building, a short walk from the arrivals lounge. Take a look at our recommended providers and tips for catching a Glasgow Airport Taxi.
Business There is a Business Centre outside to the main terminal building next the Glasgow Airport Policing Unit. Please call 0141 847 5450 for more information.
Glasgow Airport Terminal - terminal

Once you’ve made it through security, you’re onto the first floor, where most of the Duty Free goodies are! From Frankie and Benny’s to Discover Glasgow’s Tourist store, the main terminal’s first floor has it all.

Bureau de Change Travelex branches can be found on the first floor as well as cash machines. Take a closer look into Glasgow’s Foreign Currency Exchange.
Food and Drink Take a look at the Bars and Restaurants available. There are also several cafes and coffee shops and bars can be found in the departure piers such Mozzo Coffee and WHSmith.
Postal Services There isn’t a Post Office in Glasgow Airport but you can find local post offices in the Paisley area. However, the airport does have post boxes and there’s a post box available in the main check-in hall. Stamps can be purchased in shops such as WHSmith and Boots.
Shopping A wide selection of shops available, including newsagents, health and beauty, gifts and accessories. Explore the shops on offer.
Toilets There are several toilet facilities with disabled and babycare facilities available at all times, keep an eye out for the signs.
Place of Worship A prayer room is located on the first floor of the departures concourse in the Priority Security corridor.
Cash Machines There are cash machines available next to Travelex branches, one in the Central Pier and next to Krispie Kreme in the main thoroughfare.
Luggage Trolleys Trolleys are available free of charge throughout the terminal and car parks.
Lounges Executive Lounges are available in the international and domestic departures areas. The BA Lounge is located in the Central Pier and UpperDeck is located upstairs on the second floor. Get to know your Glasgow Airport Lounge and book your tickets today.
Play Area There is an unsupervised soft play area for children aged 2 to 6 located on the international pier near WHSmith.

The upper floor at Glasgow Airport is home to Upper Deck, the Airport Lounge at the main terminal. It has it’s own bar and more…

Toilets Toilet facilities available including disabled and baby change.
Lounge UpperDeck SkyLounge available including it’s own bar, children’s entertainment area and wifi. Take a closer look at Glasgow’s exclusive Airport Lounge.
Lifts Lifts from 1st and ground floor available.

For more information around Paisley and Glasgow Airport, see Maps and Directions.