Planning your trip

Catching a flight from Glasgow Airport? Start planning your trip with these recommendations to make it as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Compare before you book

Comparing your flights, car hire, and hotels are very important, and not just because of the money you could save!

You might find an absolute bargain, but be sure that the option suits your travel needs best. That flight might only be a few quid, but is travelling at midnight with a young family best for everyone? Probably not.

Take the time to research and compare your options fully to ensure you not only get a good deal, but that it's the right choice for all involved.

Before you leave, double check you've packed the essential items: boarding passes, passports, any tickets/reference numbers for connections like trains or taxis, any visas, credit cards, any healthcards (like EHIC), cash and cards (in both your native currency and the one you're travelling to).

Travel Packing tips for Glasgow Airport Security

When planning your trip, don't let packing your bags be a bother. Instead, follow some quick tips to make the most of your packing:

  • You don't have to buy hold luggage space from your airline, it's not a requirement so if you're carrying all your luggage with you on the plane (hand luggage), make sure there is no more than 100ml (this includes sun-cream, hand-cream, water, sanitiser and medicines) and put these into a clear plastic bag.
  • Only pack things in your hand luggage that you absolutely need on the plane and any valuables you don't want to risk losing or getting damaged in the hold.
  • Your hand luggage should have fragile or personal items (such as cameras, purses) and things you'll need at the airport such as money to pay for taxis or buy lunch, medication on the plane, boarding passes and passports.
  • Your hold luggage should have everything else. This includes electrical items such as hairdryers, to liquid items for your trip like soaps, sun-creams. All bags will be weighed and scanned so make sure your bags are within the allocated weight (often 15-25kg depending on your airline) and doesn't contain anything suspicious or illegal. If in doubt, see the CAA guidelines.
  • Read up on Glasgow Airport Security with our Guide before you travel for further advice.
planing your trip
planing your trip

Rules on padlocking your luggage / luggage with security codes.

  • You are completely welcome to add a lock or use the lock on your hold luggage if you're worried about individual items going missing.
  • Remember that airport security have the right to check your luggage if they see anything suspicious or on random checks. This means your padlocks may not be returned to you, and Airport Security guards do have tools to get into in-built suitcase locks like Tripp bags.
  • If you are concerned about your luggage, we recommend visiting the airport information or customer service desk.

Tips for packing your suitcase.

  • Roll your clothes rather than fold them. It helps reduce the creasing and you can often fit more into the same space. Time to use those tetris skills!
  • If you are travelling with someone else, you could pack half of your items in one suitcase, and half in your travel partner's suitcase. Then if you are unfortunate enough to have one of your suitcases go missing, at least you'll both have some of your items to keep you going until the other suitcase turns up.
  • Think about your destination and spotting your bag amongst others on the baggage carousels. Add something to your suitcase that will make it stand out, like a colourful sticker, and that way you will be able to find it with greater ease in arrivals. If you spy identical cases to yours, check you've got the right bag at the carousel before continuing your journey - you don't want to get home and find you have someone else's belongings!

At the airport

So you made it to Glasgow Airport, let's get you on that flight in 4 short steps.

planing your trip
Step One: Check-in your luggage

Check your ticket for a check-in deadline, it's usually 2 hours before for EU flights, 3 hours for International flights and 90 minutes for UK flights. Choose self-service or cashier-lead booths depending on what's available and what you feel comfortable with. They'll weigh, scan and attach a sticker tab to the handle and away you go.

Step 2: Security at Glasgow

For a full run-down on Glasgow Airport Security, check out the Security Advice with the guide.

Main things to remember:

  • Bin any liquids over 100ml (this can include sun-cream, water etc.) or bag up what you do want to take with you that's less than 100ml (medicines, hand cream) into a clear bag.
  • Put everything into the conveyer trays: phones, wallets, passports, bags, coats. If in doubt, put it into the tray.
  • Don't be upset if you get pulled over to be checked by a security officer. If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to worry about. It's easy to feel picked on, but often it's only because you're wearing a belt or your bag seemed suspicious on the scanner or you're a random search - it's nothing personal.

Getting through security now means you can enjoy duty free for longer and you'll be in the right place to keep an eye out for your departure gate.

Step 3: Duty Free

Take a look at the duty free shops available in advance or take a browse when you get here. You can also pick up a bite to eat in the bars and restaurants while you wait.

The main thing to keep in mind here is to keep an eye out for your departure gate announcement. There are screens displaying all flights and gates everywhere and the tannoy should announce your gate. It might be a good idea to pick up a snack and some water for your flight - whatever you buy from here on in, you can take onto the plane.

Step 4: Make your way to your departure gate.

Follow the signs to your gate and have your passport ready.

You'll be taken through passport control and on to the gate and departure lounge. Your boarding pass and passport will be checked again when you're at the gate so make sure to have them to hand.

There may be a slight wait to board the plane but feel free to take a seat, read a paper or pick up an item from one of the vending machines available.

planing your trip

Tips for Saving When You Travel

Want to save money when you travel overseas from Glasgow Airport? Here are a few tips to help you:

planing your trip
  • If you plan to use 3G/4G or internet overseas, avoid additional roaming charges by checking with your network before flying. Networks now have to provide a certain amount of countries where there are no roaming charges so you'll be covered in most of mainland Europe meaning you can use your phone as usual without additional charges.
  • Often, if your network does not offer your destination as a free roaming zone, you can pay a set amount for more access, say £6.99 for 1G more data in your allowance.
  • Make the most of your wifi opportunities. Most cafes, hotels and venues will have wifi, so if you're desperate to snap-chat your New York Bagel or Facebook your French Croissant save it for the free wifi.
  • Look out for tourist passes when travelling to cities. Most hotels and tourist information are keen to get tourists around the local area so make the most of the discounts they offer - if you don't ask, you don't get! These provide free or reduced-price entry to major attractions and public transport.
  • Compare and book in advance. This is true for travel insurance, hotels, flights, taxi services and anything else you can online to make sure you are getting the best deals.
  • Get your foreign currency in advance, it's usually cheapest to order a delivery to your home or pick it up in a supermarket/ high street branch. You can buy foreign currency at the airport but it's an expensive way to get your cash. Always shop around for the best deal.
  • If you're looking at using your UK credit card abroad, check with your bank or set up a seperate card to use abroad to save on any unexpected costs.
  • Know the exchange rate and know what a product's worth to avoid paying over the odds. It's easy to get blown away from foreign treasures and the sense that you're on holiday and the world's your oyster... but let's keep a sense of grounding. Quickly work out how much something costs in a familiar currency so you don't get caught out by over-priced goods.
planning your trip

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Stasher Baggage Storage

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