Planning your Trip

Catching a flight from Glasgow Airport? Here are some top tips to make your journey as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Packing & Airport Security

Don't let packing your bags be a bother. Instead, follow some quick tips to make the most of your packing:

The other thing to consider is security. Some items are not permitted in your hand luggage, including anything that could be considered dangerous. You can find a list of these at the Civil Aviation Authority website, so make sure you avoid packing anything you cannot take with you.

If you are taking any liquids or gels in your hand luggage, make sure they are in containers no larger than 100 ml. All of these containers should also fit into one small plastic bag, so don't take too many with you.

Before you leave home, do a final check for the essential items including your passport, flight tickets, any visas you need, and your credit card. If you have travel insurance], make sure you also take your policy details with you and keep them on you.

Don't Miss Your Flight

There is nothing worse than a last-minute dash to the departure gate, so always make sure you arrive in good time. You should ideally arrive three hours before your international flight departs, so check the travel conditions well in advance to make sure you will not experience any delays on the road. If travelling by train, check that the trains are all running smoothly, and always give yourself plenty of time to arrive.

Prefer to stay in a hotel and travel direct to the airport from there? You'll find many Glasgow hotels to choose from, so book one in advance.

Get the Best Rates on Your Foreign Exchange

You can always buy foreign currency at the airport, but you may want to arrange any money you need in advance. The more time you have, the more opportunity you have to compare rates and commissions to ensure you get the best deal.

Also, by sorting it out in advance, you don't have to worry about fluctuations in the exchange rates as your travel date approaches.

Compare Travel Insurance for the Best Deals

If you want to save some money on your travel insurance, compare the different policies that are available. You can easily do this by visiting the websites of insurance providers, many of which you will find here. However, avoid simply buying the cheapest you can because you want to ensure you have the correct level of travel for your trip, so use both the price and the cover level to decide which is the most suitable policy for you.

Tips for Saving When You Travel

Want to save money when you travel overseas from Glasgow Airport? Here are a few tips to help you:

Top Attractions in Glasgow

Got some time to spare in Glasgow? Them make sure you visit some of the fantastic attractions that you'll find in the city: