Glasgow Airport: Terminal 2

Terminal 2 (T2) icon for Glasgow Airport

Terminal 2 was opened in June 2004 and cost £12 million to develop. It’s like the smaller-sibling of the main terminal and accomodates over a million passengers a year!

It sits on the right hand side of the main terminal (north east) and was built to look after the growing number of passengers. It adds another 24 check-in desks to the airport’s total and accomodates extra passenger gates.

Can I access Duty Free if I’m flying from Terminal 2? Yes, you’re allowed to cross over into the Main Terminal via a covered walkway to access mainstream Duty Free Shops but there are also some outlets stores at Terminal 2 for you to enjoy.

Where’s security for Terminal 2? You’ll go through the same security desks and clearance as passengers for the main Terminal, but your check-in desks and information desks will be in Terminal 2.

What can you find at Glasgow’s T2?

  • There’s only one floor and you’ll be directed back through the Main Terminal for Duty Free
  • Main Terminal is connected via the covered walkway
  • One of the world’s most sophisticated baggage screening systems
  • 24 check in desks

Fun facts about Glasgow’s T2:

  • Capable of handling over 1.5 million passengers a year
  • Typically hosts carriers such as Air Transat, Jet2 and Thomas Cook
  • At over 34,000 square feet, T2 is almost four times the size of the building it replaces
  • Four new aircraft parking stands