Tesco moves into Glasgow

Shopping giant, Tesco, plans to open a new store in Glasgow Airport. The shop, which will carry the Express branding, and stock a range of essential products, will become the first Tesco store of its kind when it opens later this year.

Tesco is one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK, earning around £3bn in the last financial year. The firm’s stores have become a high-street staple in recent years, replacing smaller establishments and ‘corner shops,’ and generating a fair amount of criticism from concerned residents.

In 2007, for example, a Tesco store in Cambridge was opposed by local people, who felt that the supermarket would suck the life out of a ‘lively cosmopolitan area,’ and force the closure of a number of unique outlets. The shop was eventually built in 2009, albeit at a fraction of its original size.

Glasgow’s new Tesco Express will be located in the domestic arrivals area, and fill a ‘prominent space’ in the airport, according to officials. The supermarket hopes to attract returning holidaymakers, especially those who arrive during the early hours, when most high street stores are closed.

“We are delighted to be making this investment at Glasgow Airport,” Tesco chief, Tony McElroy, explained. “Our new shop is a great example of our commitment to keeping our business fresh and trying new ideas." Tony claims that up to 20 jobs could be created by the Glasgow Tesco.

An airport store might be a novel investment in Tony McElroy’s eyes, but rival supermarket, Spar, already has a small shop at East Midlands Airport.

What sets Tesco apart, however, is the price of goods – the airport Express will offer groceries at the same price as its high street kin, without any of the premiums usually heaped on items sold at railway stations and airports.

Glasgow will be hoping that the extra business generated by Tesco will shore up the airport’s finances over the difficult winter holiday season. Last year, the Scottish hub was forced to close its second terminal, as debt problems spiralled out of control.

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