No more Sambuca or Tequila at Glasgow Airport before flights!

Glasgow Airport has recently put a ban on pre-flight tequila and sambuca shots in an attempt to decrease drunken behaviour before takeoff.

The airport has revealed new plans to stop passengers drinking alcohol purchased from duty free, within either the airport or on the flight.

The Daily Mail describes how “party shots’ are now being banned from the terminal after too many drunk passengers caused mayhem on site.

Police will be made aware of hen and stag parties in advance as a precaution to handle alcohol-fuelled situations that occur.

The initiative comes as part of a scheme called ‘Campus Watch’; a way to tackle any disruptive behaviour at the airport which can lead to flights being delayed. As a precaution, £10,000 has been invested into the scheme.

Sergeant Clare Riddoch who heads up Campus Watch at the airport said:
“It’s completely understandable that people want to start their holiday with a bit of fun, but they should always remember to behave appropriately and drink responsibly, making sure they’re fit to fly.
“Being drunk or disruptive in the airport or on board an aircraft will certainly cost them more than just their flight.”

So far, the actions of the airport have seen a 50% reduction in alcohol-related incidents since the implementation last year. Furthermore, the new changes only affect straight spirits; drinks with mixers can still be purchased meaning you can still enjoy a pre-flight G&T, Bloody Mary or Vodka and Coke. However the Sandpiper Wetherspoons pub has stopped serving cocktails to passengers at the airport.

Eddie Gershon from Wetherspoons said: “We volunteered to take this action ourselves as we believe it is the right approach at our airport pubs.”
A Glasgow Airport spokesperson said: “We don’t want to see people scared to send that Facebook post about their first holiday pint.
“We want them to continue to have fun and we know that most visitors are extremely well behaved.”

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