Last BA flight from Heathrow to Glasgow airport

Scottish travellers have been hit hard this month with new scheduling put in place which will affect routes between Heathrow and Glasgow airports.

Earlier in July it was reported that BA would be dropping the 6am service from Glasgow to Heathrow meaning that the first daily service will be 7 am, too late for many travellers who commute to London for business. The airline has now announced that it will be bringing forward the last flight of the day, from Heathrow to Glasgow, changing the time from 8pm to 6.45 pm. It is thought that the new times will affect Scottish commuters who may have to work late in London and could easily miss the last connection up north. According to Bill Munro of Business Travel, the new timetable could also adversely affect Scottish holidaymakers. He said, “the new times will not connect well with a lot of holiday flights. It could mean passengers having to spend an extra night in London on their return journey.”

The changes will be put in place starting from October 2008, reducing the number of BA flights between the two cities from ten to nine. The changes have raised particular concerns over BA’s commitment to business in Scotland with business leaders believing that BA has not taken into account the flexibility of travel times required for business users. BA have denied the accusations maintaining that Scottish travellers are extremely important to BA and that the changes are being taken in the interest of the airline as a whole. A spokesperson from the airline said, “We operate more flights a day to Scotland than we do to any other part of our worldwide network.”

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