Glasgow terror attack spurs £4 million security boost

A £4 million boost has been given to the Scottish terrorism security fund a year after a terrorist attack on Glasgow airport. New security systems include funds for at least fifty new counter-terrorism jobs that are aimed at preventing this kind of disaster from happening again.

On Saturday 30th June 2007, a dark green Jeep was driven into Glasgow airport’s main terminal glass doors. The Jeep had been loaded with propane canisters and it instantly caught fire. It was only one day after the attempted terror attack in London which was thankfully foiled. The Glasgow attack has since been linked to it.

Nobody was killed in the fire at Glasgow airport but six people, including the driver of the car, were seriously injured and suffered severe burns. Now, a year on from the Glasgow attack, Scottish ministers have given police chiefs an extra £4 million to tackle the threat of terrorism.

The extra cash will pay for more than fifty counter-terrorism officers in an attempt to better prepare for these types of attacks and prevent them from happening again in the future. The money will also go towards educating staff on issues surrounding terrorism as well as on communication and other key elements integral to terrorism prevention.

In comparison to England, who spent £472 million on anti-terrorism in the last financial year (2007/08), Scotland only allocated £12 million. To match England’s spending levels, Scotland would have needed to spend around £50 million, so this £4 million boost is a step in the right direction for Scottish anti-terrorism action.

Since the 9/11 twin towers disaster back in 2001, the awareness of Islamic extremism is a lot higher for everybody. Between 11th September 2001 and 31st March last year (2007) 1165 arrests were made under the Terrorism Act 2000.

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