Glasgow Terminal 2 could be closed for the winter

Glasgow Airport is to consider closing one of its two terminals in a drastic cost-cutting exercise. Terminal 2, only opened five years ago, houses the check-in desks of easyJet, Aer Lingus, Thomas Cook and Canadian Affair. The terminal cost £12 million to build and it is estimated that closing it down over the quieter winter months could save hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The airport’s managing director, Amanda McMillan, was only appointed in 2008. She is looking at a range of economy measures as the airport copes with declining numbers of passengers. As well as the economic climate, the collapse of the Canadian airline Zoom and holiday company XL have also added to these losses. Glasgow is now only the second busiest airport in Scotland having lost its number one position to Edinburgh recently.

Officials at the airport have said that they are looking at a range of options to control its costs and that although they are in discussions with the airlines about the possible closure nothing has been agreed at this stage. Talks have also been held between the airline and representatives of the 200 Terminal 2 staff. The airport is denying that any jobs would be lost because of the potential shut down.

EasyJet have refused to move into the main terminal unless the move is a permanent one and the costs remain the same as they are for Terminal 2. They say ‘we don’t think it would be fair for our passengers who use us all year round.’

Despite the likely closure and also the recent cancellation of the proposed rail link to Glasgow Airport, the airport says that the long term £200 million investment over the next ten years would not be affected.

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