Glasgow gets German route

The self-proclaimed, ‘number one domestic airline,’ Flybe, has introduced a flight to Frankfurt, Germany, from Glasgow Airport. The route will operate between four and twelve times a week, according to a press release by the carrier, and connect to the German city via Southampton Airport.

Beginning 1 August, Flybe’s new route is designed to generate business links between Scotland and ‘key destinations,’ such as Frankfurt. The airline claims that its latest addition is in response to demand from Scottish executives, who may not wish to travel the 40 miles to Edinburgh for a direct flight to Germany.

Flybe also hopes that its Glasgow-Frankfurt route will demonstrate that the budget carrier has its collective fingers in two lucrative pies – the leisure and tourism industry, and the heady world of business travel. The airline’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mike Rutter, explained that the flight was both ‘convenient’ and ‘cost-effective’ for travellers.

Glasgow is Flybe’s third UK base to provide a flight to Frankfurt, after Birmingham and Manchester airports. Tickets begin at £53.99, taxes included, for a one-way trip, departing at 13.35 on each day of operation. Unfortunately, the short stop in Southampton adds a good two hours to the total travel time.

Passengers can expect to spend an average of 4hrs 25mins in the sky, double that of flights between the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, and Frankfurt. The return flight leaves Germany at 19.00, arriving in Glasgow some 3 hours later, at 22.00.

Frankfurt is one of the largest cities in Germany, and ranks alongside Paris and London as an economic powerhouse. The city is sometimes referred to as ‘Bankfurt’ in honour of its many financial institutions, including the headquarters of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, and the Frankfurt stock exchange.

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