Glasgow Airports could have a new high-speed monorail

Plans for a £300 monorail service between Glasgow International Airport and the Glasgow City Centre have recently been introduced by a retired engineer who also influenced the Channel Tunnel construction.

This proposal comprises a 7 and a half mile monorail, created by Jim Beckett and his brother John, aged 78 and 77. The route would stop at Renfrew, Braehead shopping centre, the Queen Elizabeth University hospital in Govan, the Riverside Museum and SECC en route to Glasgow Central and claims to be able to ease the city’s traffic congestion. The plans have taken 7 months to research and the brothers hope that transport bosses will take the proposal seriously as a superior alternative to the tram-train link.

Clyde Monorail, the name of the project, would create a route where passengers can travel from start to end in 18 minutes, at up to speeds of 50mph, benefitting both airport and non-airport passengers.

Mr Beckett, from Brookfield, who lives near the Bridge of Weir, claimed that a major advantage of the monorail was that it would be elevated up to 40 metres (130ft) at various sections, causing very little traffic disruption during construction and limiting the need for compulsory purchase orders.

Jim Beckett, who designed the electrical instrumental system, UK side of the Channel Tunnel said that the current tram link “doesn’t add anything” to the infrastructure in the local area.

Speaking to The Herald, he said: “It’s heralded as the flagship project for the Glasgow and Clyde Valley City Deal, but our contention is that that does nothing for the wider transport infrastructure because you’re limiting it to the passengers that are generated by the airport.

“If you ran it north and picked up places like Renfrew, the Braehead shopping centre, the Queen Elizabeth hospital, the transport museum, and the SECC, then you are going to generate an awful lot more business for it.“People coming from the centre of Glasgow to the Queen Elizabeth hospital can jump on the monorail.”

“If someone is going from Glasgow Airport to the BBC, they can jump on the monorail, get off at the SECC, cross the bridge and they’re at Pacific Quay – or the Science Centre, the STV studios, the Armadillo.”He added: “There is much more traffic generated by this proposal than would ever be generated by the tram-train airport link.”

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