Glasgow Airport’s car park gets transformed into a Covid-19 test centre

Glasgow Airport remodelled one of their car park into a massive “large-scale testing area” to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. Their 17-acre long stay car park became a drive-through site yesterday for coronavirus testing.

For now, it is only testing the frontline NHS workers and is not accessible to the public.

The airport’s managing director, Mark Johnson says “We are in regular contact with both the UK and Scottish governments and have offered our facilities available to support the response to the Covid-19 pandemic

He then further added that “Glasgow Airport has space and infrastructure capable of accommodating a large-scale testing area and we are only too happy to support in this way.

“The impact of this virus affects us all and Glasgow Airport and our people will continue to support the national effort to overcome Covid-19 and stand ready to help in any way we can.”

car park

The NHS staff members have five lanes which they can use by appointment and there they will give swab samples to be tested for Covid-19.

Alister Jack, the Scottish Secretary states that the new testing centre at the airport in“funded by the government in an attempt to “keep out frontline NHS staff” safe and doing “the jobs they are trained to do”. This also means that the ones who don’t have the disease can “go back to work and treat those who are most in need of care”.

She also mentions that “This is part of the UK Government’s plan to vastly expand our testing capacity as we continue to work around the clock and across the country to protect the vulnerable, support the NHS and save lives.”

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