Glasgow Airport welcomes back public rransport

Following the events in June 2007, when Glasgow airport was attacked by attempted suicide bombers, the airport has undergone a huge security revamp on its inner forecourt. The work consisted of installing 300 security bollards and the whole operation cost a reported £2 million.

Security levels were increased as a result, but there was one group of travellers who were inconvenienced by the ongoing works more than any other, and that was those who were arriving by public transport.

However, it was recently announced that the work on this area has now been completed, and once again Glasgow airport will be welcoming back public transport.

After the completion of the work was announced, bus operators in Glasgow stated that they were going to try to increase the number of people arriving at the airport by public transport by 15%, which is up 4% on the current figure. Although this is an ambitious target, it is hoped that this figure will be achieved by 2012.

Amanda McMillan, the managing director of Glasgow airport, has said that the reopening marks a “return to normal for Glasgow airport," and that it is vital to “continue to reduce congestion” around the airport by encouraging a greater level of public transport usage.

This is great news for eco-conscious travellers, and the plans are set to get a further boost in 2013 with the opening of a new rail link, which will surely tempt a larger proportion of the nine million passengers who use the airport annually, to arrive by public transport in the future.

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