Glasgow Airport gets local council’s approval for metro link

There had been discussions about a metro link for Glasgow Airport and it has now been approved by the local council so the plans are now ready to move in motion.

During the first phase, the metro will provide a link from Paisley Gilmour Street train station to Glasgow Airport before reaching further east. There had been a lot of talks about this previously too, with deals initially getting the green later and then being dismissed later. This link was first suggested by a commission that was in charge of improving the city’s infrastructure in April 2019 in order to both boost the economy and to help areas where there was next to no transport available.

This proposal was voiced at the Scottish government’s current Programme for Government and they said they will “consider the potential for a Glasgow Metro, which builds on the planned City Region Deal investment to link Glasgow Airport and the new National Manufacturing Institute for Scotland to Paisley Gilmour Street.”

metro link

Recently, Susan Aitken, who is the leader of Glasgow City Council, has mentioned that the initial phase will take charge of creating a link between Paisley Gilmour Street and the airport. These two sites fall under the Renfrewshire Council and its leader has both agreed that they will provide the financial support for this project. But they do still need the backing of the council’s members.

Susan states that “The Scottish government has pledged to work with us on the Commission’s recommendations, while Glasgow and Renfrewshire councils will undertake the feasibility work required to ensure it can be considered as a key, national project. Funding is already in place to deliver a first phase, linking Paisley with Glasgow Airport.”

Now that everything is secured, the councils will be given reports and there will need to be a vote taken. The dates are yet to be confirmed.

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