‘Desperate’ Glasgow closes terminal

Glasgow Airport is to close its second terminal (T2) over the winter period, in an effort to curb losses and consolidate operations. The building is currently a major EasyJet hub. Operations will be suspended for the duration of the winter season, from 17th November 2009 to 31st March 2010. Officials are hoping to save around £300,000 in maintenance costs.

Airport director, Derek Provan, said it was “economic sense” to put T2 on ice over the winter freeze. Glasgow has suffered persistent losses in the wake of the recent recession, falling behind fellow BAA airport, Edinburgh.

Mr. Provan remains optimistic about the future of the airport, despite claims that the Abbotsinch facility is going the way of the dodo, “The airport is a commercial operation. We need to keep a tight control over our costs so we can make best use of our resources, and invest for the future." An impressive £43m has been invested in Glasgow Airport over the past two years.

Not everybody is happy to see T2 shut down. EasyJet has refused to play fair, declining to leave its spot in the second terminal unless replacement check-in facilities are provided in the main terminal.

The carrier has demanded that the alternative hub be a permanent fixture, painted orange and white.

EasyJet is Glasgow’s most productive airline, providing a huge percentage of the airport’s income. Officials had no choice but to accede to the airline’s request. The main terminal will continue to operate as normal over the winter months.

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