Aer Lingus might now move to Scotland too

The Irish airline Aer Lingus are kings of their homeland and are the British Airways of the skies in their home country. Since they were founded in 1936, the Dublin based airline has grown from strength to strength and currently has over 41 Airbus aircraft. Roughly a quarter of their ownership comes from the Irish government and another quarter surprisingly from the other Irish airline Ryanair and the influence from the latter might explain their latest move.

This year sees Aer Lingus seriously considering setting up camp outside their own island. Following a move to Belfast last year, which then gave them three bases in Dublin, Cork and then the Northern Irish capital, they now have their sights set on one of either Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Aer Lingus’ corporate affairs editor, Enda Corneille, announced the plans for one of the two sites to be the next step for the airline but he gave no time scale as it would all be dependent on acquiring three new aircraft to serve the airline. The plan would ideally be to use these three new aircraft to serve up to ten European cities.

Although they part-own some of Aer Lingus, Ryanair look like they won’t allow the move with some stiff but healthy competitive opposition and they already have a head start at Prestwick and are making good ground in Edinburgh.

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